1-4 Low Flex Offense

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Name of Offense 1-4 Low Flex Offense
Nickname 4 Low Flex
Type of Offense Set Offense
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above
Best used against Any


This offense begins out of a 1-4 Low Set.


We teach this as a progression with recognition of three different types of spots on the floor:

  • The Corner - Either Corner
  • The Point - Above the elbow just past the three point line on each side
  • The Post - Either block.
1 -4 Low Flex Offense Seq1.jpg

Initial Flash

This motion begins with the ball handler bringing the ball over half court and pushing to the one of the "Point" spots to designate which side will flash to begin the set. Weak side "Post" will flash up to the weak side point spot. We are looking to make the "Point to Point" pass. Often we give this pass a special name to make it more recognizable for players as we always set the flex screen after a Point to Point pass. We make sure to work on this first as if the defense heavily overplays this flash the player should make a strong backdoor cut.

1 -4 Low Flex Offense Seq2.jpg

Swinging the Ball

  • If the "Point to Point" pass is unavailable ... the weak side Point should screen away for the Corner to attempt it.
  • Ball to the corner ... look inside,look for a skip, or dribble attack.


Players can have freedom of movement if they can make a play but should replace to one of the 6 Point, Corner, or Post spots. We do not want to take away a player making a smart decision but this is a set that does well to stay within the framework.

1 -4 Low Flex Offense Seq3.jpg
1 -4 Low Flex Offense Seq4.jpg

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