2 on 2 Full Court Transition Drill

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Drill 2 on 2 Full Court Transition Drill
Drill Nickname Get Back Drill
Central focus of the drill Transition
Number of players required 8
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above


This drill is set up with lines on each hash along the sideline as an outlet.

Two players take the ball at half court and initiate the drill against two defenders.

2 on 2 FullCourt Transition Drill1.jpg


  • The offense will play til they score or the defense gets a rebound.
    • Offensive rebound = Play continues.
  • Any defensive rebound or made basket the first defender to get the basketball will immediately outlet or quickly take the ball out of bounds and push it up the floor with the pass looking to get to the rim.
    • The Outlet or inbound pass will go to whichever Outlet Line is closest to the person with the ball.
  • The former offense becomes the defense and must get back.

  • The Defensive player that does not recover the ball should fill into a nearby Outlet line.
  • The same rules apply as the new offense attacks the former offense in transition.
2 on 2 FullCourt Transition Drill2.jpg


Transition from Offense to Defense

Far too often players make a great play in the half court or in transition but fail to get back on defense, giving up an easy play. One of the main focuses of this drill is the "transition" from Offense to Defense and Defense to Offense.

  • Defensive Rebounders must inbound or outlet the ball as quickly as possible, utilizing any possible advancement pass instead of trying to dribble the ball up the court on their own.
  • Offensive players must quickly forget the offensive possession and immediately snap into transition defense to stop any easy basket. Far too often players are focused on their accomplishments or failures on offense. The aim of this drill is to make it normal to forget and move on quickly.