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I was inspired to create in my time as a basketball coach and seeking to find a place where I could brainstorm, share, and gain knowledge of the game I love with others around the world. The goal is to create a community where coaches, players, referees, parents, and fans alike can share information. The global Wiki format should allow maximum access for contributions from a worldwide basketball community as it allows an infinitely expandable and easily customizable format for indexes and searching. Thank you for taking your time to visit or join!

Creativity and Variance in the Game will not be promoting any "right or wrong" way to play basketball. One of the beautiful things about the game is the fact that there are an infinite amount of variables that go into each possession, each play, and each game. Different things work for different players and different teams so we are looking to establish a network of knowledge through brainstorming basketball strategy. We ask that you please be respectful of others opinions and contributions.

If you have a variation or difference in the way that you do things compared to the way that something is posted, please combine the two as equal variations of the same thing. We are trying to keep what may amount to an extensive library as organized as possible.

Suggestions, Comments, and Feedback

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