Center Lob or Cross Screen

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Name of Play Center Lob/Cross Screen Option
Nickname of Play Basic (4-Low)
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Baseline Inbound
Most appropriate age range(s) Youth, Middle School, High School, College or Above, All
Best used against Man to Man


This is a simple option for the two post players on the blocks out of a 4 Low set. Having simple and uncomplicated options can do wonders for simplifying your baseline inbound package for building on or when you have players in the lineup who have difficulty with plays.


Set up in a alignment.

For the first initial option, your best 1 on 1 post player should be on the block on the strong side of the ball. The defense will generally play between the post player and the ball, so that player should look to get low and seal off the defender. Call for the ball by showing one hand extended out towards the perimeter.

The inbound makes a lob pass into that post player and the opposite block clears out. This allows that player to take their defender one on one and the opposite block or corner is usually available for a kickout if the scorer doesn't have a good look.


In the second option, if the strong side block player is not able to receive the lob the weak side man will set a cross screen. The inbounder then has the option to hit the screener rolling ahead to the ball or the player coming off the screen. Both should look to establish position by sealing low and wide inside to receieve the pass.

The strong side corner can pop back to receive a lob over the top as a safety valve if not able to get the ball in.


There are a lot of options to build off this utilizing screen the screener principles such as UMass Screen the Screener to Corner.