Dribble Handoff High Screen and Roll

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Name of Play Dribble Handoff High Screen and Roll
Nickname of Play NA
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Best used against Man to Man


This is run out of a 4 Out 1 In offensive formation.


Arizona High ScreenRoll1.jpg
Arizona High SR pt 2.jpg
  • O5 set a screen and roll with O2 and roll to the block looking for the feed. If they don't receive the roll, seal and post strong on the block.
  • O2 can:
    • Swing to O4 if the screen and roll gets jammed up.
    • Hit O5 on the roll.
    • Attack the rim.
    • Kick opposite to O3 for an open shot.
    • Kick out to O1 who should look to feed O5 if they have position.