Dribble Handoff to Weak Side Backdoor

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Name of Play Dribble Handoff to Weak Side Backdoor
Nickname of Play N/A
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Baseline Inbound
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Best used against Man to Man


  • O1 takes the ball out.
  • O2 and O3 set up in a stack at the strong side elbow.
  • O4 sets up at the weak side block.
  • O5 sets up at the weak side elbow even with O3.


  • O5 begins by taking a strong jab step at the interior defense attempting to draw their attention.
  • O2 and O3 then split, with O3 heading into the paint and O2 popping to the short corner/wing area to get the inbound.
  • O1 will immediately run off O2 to take a dribble handoff, pushing the ball up the perimiter to just above the elbow.
  • O3 will go to the strong side and read a curl or fade off a screen by O2.
  • O4 should step into the paint and set a screen on the closest defender on the weak side.
  • O5 will use the screen by O4 to angle a weak side cut at the basket for a layup/alleyoop.
  • O1 hits either option if open.