Motion Entry to 1-4 High Set from Wichita State

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Name of Play Motion Entry to 1-4 High Set
Nickname of Play NA
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) Middle School, High School, College or Above
Best used against Man to Man


This is a motion entry play establishes Wichita State into a 1-4 High set. It's used to make the defense work prior to start a set offense or play.



  • O1 is your ball handler bringing the ball over half court.
  • O2 and O3 start at the block, flash to the elbow, then pop out to the wing.
  • O5 at the foul line sets a down screen for O4, then flashes up to the opposite elbow of O4.

This establishes your 1-4 High set and creates movement prior to running an offense or play. This makes it easier for O1 to initiate the offense.