Oregon Dribble Drive Clear Out

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Name of Play Oregon Dribble Drive Clear Out
Nickname of Play N/A
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) High School, College or Above
Best used against Any


  • The three players who are not the inbounder/point get down the court and set up on the wings and the O5 at the foul line.
Oregon Dribble Drive Clear Out Seq1.jpg


  • O4 is the inbounder trailing the play who upon getting down the court should run through to the play side wing as the player on that side makes a V-Cut to receive the pass from O1.
  • O1 fills the opposite side wing after making the pass.
  • The weak side wing and the player at the foul line make crossing cuts with O5 to the weak side corner and O3 running underneath to the opposite corner.

Oregon Dribble Drive Clear Out Seq2.jpg

The three players who make their cuts as/after O1 makes a pass to the wing should keep their eye focused towards the basketball if an opportunity for an undefended look at the basket arises. After the catch, O2 should attack the center of the court off the dribble looking to get to the rim and O1 should cut back to the middle offering a kick out look when the defense collapses to stop O2.]