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Quick Curl Read Option

Name of Play Quick Hit Curl Read Option
Nickname of Play Simple Curl Read
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) All
Best used against Man to Man


  • Two player on block on play-side. We designate play-side with the person bringing the ball up the court calling the play verbally while holding a number in the air with his play-side arm.
  • One player on off-side wing, one player on off-side block or short corner.


  • Top player of the two on the play-side block will set a screen on the underneath player's man.
  • If the defensive player attempts to follow the player undeath, he should curl around the screen into the paint ready to catch and score.
  • If the player reads that the defense plays underneath the screen, he should step out for the open shot.
  • If the screener notices both defensive players follow the cutter, he should either slip to the basket or fade out for a shot.