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The Shooting Pocket refers to the area where a player preparing to receive a pass leading to a shot has their hands set. Coaching players to pass to a shooter in the "pocket" gives them a target to help deter passes that are too high, low, or wide. The pocket can vary from play to player based on individual style but it will most often be centered in the mid to upper chest area.

Players who have their hands ready not only have a quicker release but are the recipients of more accurate passes from their teammates. Catching the ball at the waist level or below slows down release time allowing defenders an opportunity to get a hand on the ball for a strip or allowing them a better opportunity to contest the shot.

Catching a pass in the shooting pocket also allows a player to be in Triple Threat position. A player who constantly catches the ball and does not move it to the shooting pocket is sending a message to the defender that they have no intention or are incapable of shooting from that spot. The offensive player appearing to be a threat is important to keep the defender honest.