Stagger Screen to Wing with High Low Flash

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Name of Play Stagger Screen to Wing with High Low Flash
Nickname of Play N/A
Is the play situational? No
Type of Play Offensive Set Play
Most appropriate age range(s) All
Best used against Any


This play is run out of a 1-4 High set.


The play is run for one wing or the other with the play side designated by the ball handler O1 bringing the ball over half court.

  • O4 and O5 set a staggered screen for O3 who goes over the first screen and under the second screen to the wing on the opposite side.
  • The wing not involved with the play fills underneath to the opposite wing to clear out.
  • O3 receives the pass and should square up for an open shot if available.
  • O4 dives to the strong side block for a low post feed.
  • O5 flashes above to the high post for a possible open shot.
14 Stagger to hi lo Seq1.jpg
14 Stagger to hi lo Seq2.jpg